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The original UFO design was a game-changer, setting the standard for acoustic lighting in open-plan offices and collaborative spaces. After ten years, we’re raising the bar even higher with an upgraded design that’s even more effective at reducing noise and improving acoustics.

Since its release in 2022, the UFO Design has set a high standard for acoustic lighting fixtures in open-plan offices and collaborative spaces worldwide. Its unique three-dimensional shape, high-performance LED lighting, and superior sound absorption quickly made it an industry trailblazer. After a decade of innovation, this redesign delivers an even more exceptional acoustic lighting solution for commercial interiors.

The features are a unique PET joinery construction that maximizes the surface area for sound absorption. This significantly reduces noise, making it ideal for open-plan offices, collaborative spaces, and other areas where noise is a concern.

In addition to its improved acoustic performance, the new Vapor Echo also features a number of other enhancements, including:

· Increased lumen output and greater efficacy for brighter, more comfortable illumination

· A softer, more refined interior structure for improved aesthetics

· More sustainable construction with reduced metal components, packaging waste, and carbon footprint

The UFO Design is a true icon of acoustic lighting, We are excited to unveil this enhanced redesign, which takes the UFO Design to the next level in terms of acoustic performance, efficiency, and sustainability.”

The UFO Design is available in three sizes and a wide range of colors, making it a versatile option for various spaces. Additionally, it has a high-performance dimmable LED light source with optional upwards wash and advanced controls.

The UFO Design is the perfect choice for creating more comfortable, productive, and acoustically-optimized spaces. It is a stylish, functional, and sustainable solution that will make a statement.

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